About Myself


A young British – Mindanaon

Born and raised in Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao.
Migrated to the United Kingdom at seventeen.
Hence, I say British – Mindanaon.

The colonial and migration history of my homeland
Reflects the lineage of my family.
My maternal grandfather was Spanish – Black American
Whilst my paternal grandmother was mixed Chinese – Maranao – Iranun.

I was raised in a multicultural setting.
My ancestral house was situated in the middle
Of Bacolod, where majority of the residents were Muslims
And Magsaysay, a predominantly Catholic community.

I spent ten years of my life in a Catholic school
Where they utilised an American Curriculum
Whilst imparting Filipino values through Araling Panlipunan
And the emulation of Filipino heroes.

For the sake of convenience.
I am could be a Christian or a Muslim.
Maybe not.
But definitely.
An unconquered Moro.
A reluctant Filipino.
Unwillingly British.
But undoubtedly Mindanaon.
With so much love.
For the embattled country.
Colonised by Spain and America.
Called Philippines.

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